Monday, 15 February 2010

Five Signs Your Child Is in the Wrong Child Care Program

If the caregivers will not communicate with you easily and readily, it could be a quality problem. Ask to observe, and occasionally drop in unannounced.
If your child comes home hungry, exhausted, and dirtier than is reasonable for a day of finger painting and papier maché it may be a quality issue.
Ask to talk to the director and/or go back and check those references. Inconsistencies and little deceptions are red flags that trust is an issue. Bail out.
Significant and repeated disparities in values between your home and the care personnel will confuse and worry your child ("Hit him back if you want him to stop hitting you"), and it probably means that you should call it quits.
The quality of care is really obvious when you drop off and pick up your child. The attention they give you shows how well the caretakers understand kids in general, and yours in particular.

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